Casino Cage

Monday, 05. November 2018, 19:30

Wiener Konzerthaus, Großer Saal
Lothringerstraße 20
1030 Wien

John Cage mit Schachspiel und Margarita, 1968 im Electric Circus New York City © William Gedney, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library

See and experience for yourself how chance intervenes in this rare complete performance of Luciano Berio’s 14-part »Sequenza«: John Cage, the so-called father of aleatory music, will determine by means of the score of his »Variations IV« which piece is performed where in the hall. A croupier at a roulette table in the empty Main Hall of the Wiener Konzerthaus will determine with a roll of the ball the time, sequence and simultaneity of the performances. After months of painstaking and meticulous preparation,14 young students of Vienna’s Music and Arts University will perform the Italian composer’s »multi-voiced solos« dedicated to famous soloists of the 20th century. An extraordinary evening that will demonstrate why we talk of »playing« music ...


Nicole Henter, Flöte Sequenza I

Veronica Klavzar, Harfe Sequenza II

Anna Overbeck, Sopran Sequenza III

Petar Kostov, Klavier Sequenza IV

Valentin Guenther, Posaune Sequenza V

Flora Marlene Geißelbrecht, Viola Sequenza VI

Claire Colombo, Oboe Sequenza VII

Amia Janicki, Violine Sequenza VIII

Daniel Miguel Tena Cortell, Klarinette Sequenza IX

Selina Ott, Trompete Sequenza X En-Chia Lin, Klavier

Simon Roguljic, Gitarre Sequenza XI

Christian Walcher, Fagott Sequenza XII

Djordje Davidovic, Akkordeon Sequenza XII

Anna Maria Niemiec, Violoncello Sequenza XIV

Performer, Adela Maharani, Marianne Sayer, Janine Brennecke, Jasmin Steffl, Veronika Brunner,


John Cage

Variations IV (1963)

Luciano Berio

Sequenza I für Flöte (1958)

Luciano Berio

Sequenza II für Harfe (1963)

Luciano Berio

Sequenza III für Frauenstimme (1965-1966)

Luciano Berio

Sequenza IV für Klavier (1966/1993)

Luciano Berio

Sequenza V für Posaune (1965)

Luciano Berio

Sequenza VI für Viola (1967)

Luciano Berio

Sequenza VII für Oboe (1969)

Luciano Berio

Sequenza VIII für Violine (1976)

Luciano Berio

Sequenza X für Trompete (1984)

Luciano Berio

Sequenza IXa für Klarinette (1980)

Luciano Berio

Sequenza XI für Gitarre (1988)

Luciano Berio

Sequenza XII für Fagott (1995)

Luciano Berio

Sequenza XIII (Chanson) für Akkordeon (1995)

Luciano Berio

Sequenza XIV (Dual) für Violoncello (2001-2002)


Produktion Wien Modern und MUK – Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien
Wir danken der Casinos Austria AG für die freundliche Zurverfügungstellung eines Roulettetischs samt Croupier.


Monday, 05. November 2018

Casino Cage

The performance has already taken place.

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