The Solo Challenge: Cello

Sunday, 04. November 2018, 14:00

Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart-Saal
Lothringerstraße 20
1030 Wien

Audrey Chen © Etang Chen

In Wien Modern’s »Solo Challenge«, special guest soloists will tread their own personal tightrope on stage: In Part 1, the cello will show off its versatility in four separate recitals. 

To mark the 100th anniversary of Kodály’s magnificent Sonata for Solo Cello, Tamás Varga, solo cellist with the Vienna Philharmonic, has commissioned five new solo pieces with the same unusual tuning, or »scordatura«. Séverine Ballon, born in France in 1980, is currently setting new benchmarks with her audacious virtuosity. She will perform three very different »unplayable« milestones from the wild 1970s – works by Xenakis, Ferneyhough and Wolff – as well as Rebecca Saunders’ extreme »Solitude« from 2013 and a brand new piece of her own. Graz-born and Vienna-based Michael Moser will perform his own music, as well as pieces by Bernhard Lang, Siavosh Banihashemi and Michael Maierhof, alongside Helmut Lachenmann’s revolutionary sound study »Pression« from 1969. The high-energy, electronic-improvisatory final concert will be performed by Berlin-based cellist, vocalist and improviser Audrey Chen. 

As in the other »Solo Challenges« for piano (08.11.) and violin (25.11.), there will be a number of performances of a new ninefold world premiere by Katharina Klement, as well as graphic scores by Anestis Logothetis. Four brilliant solo recitals of the highest virtuosity.


Tamás Varga, Violoncello

Sévérine Ballon, Violoncello

Michael Moser, Violoncello

Audrey Chen, Violoncello, Stimme, Analoge Elektronik

Simon Spillner, Klangregie

Christina Bauer, Klangregie, Live-Elektronik


14:00 Uhr, Tamás Varga

Gergely Vajda

Captain Hume's Last Pavin (2018) EA

Kompositionsauftrag von Tamás Varga

Aaron Jay Kernis

Blues for Mr. Z (2018) EA

Kompositionsauftrag von Tamás Varga, Wiener Konzerthaus und Wien Modern

László Vidovszky

Zwei Paraphrasen (2018) EA

Kompositionsauftrag von Tamás Varga

Akira Nishimura

A Song of Kalavinka (2017) EA

Kompositionsauftrag von Tamás Varga

Zdzislaw Wysocki

Fantasia Scordatura op. 76 für Violoncello solo (2017) UA

Kompositionsauftrag von Tamás Varga


Zoltán Kodály

Sonate op. 8 für Violoncello solo (1915)


16:00 Uhr, Sèverine Ballon

Rebecca Saunders

Solitude (2013)

Christian Wolff

Cello Song Variations. Halleluja, I'm a Bum (1978)

Katharina Klement

Schütten 2.3 für Violoncello. Gradation C (2018) UA

Kompositionsauftrag von Wien Modern

Iannis Xenakis

Kottos (1977)


Anestis Logothetis

Bijunktion (1965)

Sévérine Ballon

Cloches fendues 1 (2018) UA

Bryan Jacobs

Ly Full Hood (2015)

Brian Ferneyhough

Time and Motion Study II (1973-1976)


18:30 Uhr, Michael Moser

Anestis Logothetis

Bijunktion (1965)

Siavosh Banihashemi

Siganeh 4 (2005-2011)

Katharina Klement

Schütten 2.2 für Violoncello. Gradation B (2018) UA

Kompositionsauftrag von Wien Modern

Helmut Lachenmann

Pression (1969)

Kompositionsauftrag von Wien Modern


Bernhard Lang

Schrift 2 (1996)

Michael Maierhof

splitting 40.2 (2013)

Michael Moser

locomotion traces (2011)


20:30 Uhr, Audrey Chen

Anestis Logothetis

Bijunktion (1965)

Katharina Klement

Schütten 2.1 für Violoncello. Gradation A (2018) UA

Kompositionsauftrag von Wien Modern

Audrey Chen



Eine gemeinsame Produktion von Wiener Konzerthaus und Wien Modern


Sunday, 04. November 2018

The Solo Challenge: Cello

The performance has already taken place.

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