Schimana Virus

Sunday, 11. November 2018, 19:00

Lehárgasse 8
1060 Wien

Elisabeth Schimana © Reinhard Mayr

A festival weekend in Semperdepot with three of the world’s top ensembles, the delicate music of Roman Haubenstock-Ramati, high-flyer Enno Poppe and a contagious world premiere from Elisabeth Schimana. Part 4: The Klangforum Wien performs the latest ensemble piece by Elisabeth Schimana, »Virus X«, the genetic sequence of which was taken from the Wien Modern universe somewhere around 2009 …


Klangforum Wien, Kammerensemble


Elisabeth Schimana

Virus #3.3 (2018) UA

Kompositionsauftrag von Klangforum Wien und Wien Modern


Produktion Wien Modern


Sunday, 11. November 2018

Schimana Virus

The performance has already taken place.

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Ticket prices: € 13,-

The Festival pass is valid
50% discount for youth members of Wiener Konzerthaus or Musikverein, school children, students, apprentices and servicemen not older than 26 (1 ticket)
10% discount for members of Ö1 Club (2 tickets)


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