Tuesday, 27. November 2018, 18:00

studio brut
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SAFE © Julie Pfleiderer

»Where can you go when no place if safe?«, is the question Todd Haynes asks in his radical Hollywood film (1995): In a society where nearly everything is monitored and controlled, which increasingly sanctions deviant behaviour and where the ambition for complete control seems close to becoming a reality, the film’s central character stands in the way, is a complication: Julianne Moore portrays Carol, a woman whose allergic reactions keep growing in intensity and duration making a normal life increasingly impossible. Is she the victim of a threat that is omnipresdent, but invisible, or she is a skilled manipulator who withdraws from the world? Director Julie Pfleiderer, composer Oxana Omelchuk, author Pieter Delfosse, actress and performer Caroline Daish and the Ictus Ensemble use this constellation as a starting point for an evening that transforms concert into live radio play.


Ictus, Ensemble Tom Pauwels Gitarre, Gerrit Nulens Percussion, Hanna Madeleine Kölbel Violoncello

Caroline Daish, Performance

Alexandre Fostier, Klangregie

Jochen Schmitt, Bühne, Kostüme, Licht

Christine De Smedt, Choreographie

Julie Pfleiderer, Regie


Oxana Omelchuk, Julie Pfleiderer, Caroline Daish

SAFE. A concert transforming itself into a performance and a live radio play (2018) EA

Premiere Kompositionsauftrag von Ictus Auf Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln Pieter Delfosse Text


Produktion Ictus, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek Brussels, BUDA Kortrijk, Kaaitheater, Ars Musica, Wien Modern, brut Wien
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Regierung Flanderns


Tuesday, 27. November 2018


The performance has already taken place.

Ticket prices: € 17,-

The quota for Holders of festival passes ist already exhausted
€ 13,- for youth members of Wiener Konzerthaus or Musikverein, school children, students, apprentices and servicemen not older than 26 (1 ticket). Admission may be limited according to the hall's capacity. No wheel chair seat available


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