Das Totenschiff

Sunday, 25. November 2018, 16:00

Geblergasse 40
1170 Wien

Das Totenschiff, Gernot Heinrich © sirene

Oskar Aichinger’s new opera takes us into capitalism’s danger zone: In »Totenschiff« (»The Death Ship«) a novel by B. Traven, money and law are in collusion. If someone has no money, they have no recourse to the law. And if someone doesn’t have the law on their side, they have no rights and end up at the mercy of money. Gale, the hero of »The Death Ship«, unexpectedly finds himself, after losing his papers, on the side of those who with no rights. Without any papers, and no residence permit from his employer, he is forced to leave the country and take to the seas. But there he must work on so-called death ships, floating hells like the Yorikke, which transport contraband goods such as weapons through the legal vacuum of the oceans and -- as in the novel the Empress of Madagascar or in real life the Lucona – are only useful as as insurance claim when they sink. 

»He is a man who has seen through social constructs. He is bitter and hard when he hits out. Everything that he writes is true: his critique of civilisation, the mockery, the blows – everything.« (Kurt Tucholsky on B. Traven)


ensemble sirene, Ensemble

Gernot Heinrich, Gale

Romana Amerling, Großer Kapitän

Johann Leutgeb, Stanislawski

Bernhard Landauer, Countertenor

Richard Klein, Tenor

Clemens Kölbl, Bariton

Horst Lamnek, Bassbariton

Max Kaufmann, Ausstattung

Mirjam Mercedes-Salzer, Ausstattung

Nora Scheidl, Kostüme

Klara Leschanz, Maske

Edgar Aichinger, Technik

Bernhard Auer / Plan B Artwork Productions, Konstruktionen

Anna Karpouzi, Kostümassistenz

Anna Dreo, Maske

Katharina Hollerwöger, Dramaturgie

Petra Giacalone, Korrepetition

Benjamin McQuade, Korrepetition

Theissing Maria, Regiehospitanz

Sophia Thomasberger, Regieassistenz

Kristine Tornquist, Regie

Jury Everhartz, Dirigent


Oskar Aichinger

Das Totenschiff. Kammeroper in zwei Akten nach B. Traven (Libretto: Kristine Tornquist) (2018)


Produktion sirene Operntheater in Kooperation mit Wien Modern


Sunday, 25. November 2018

Das Totenschiff

The performance has already taken place.

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